Lab analysis
Our technical center is equipped with advanced inspection equipments for overall inspection, like chemical content, hardness value, measurement, ultrasonic test, impact value, microstructure, macrostructure, non-metallic inclusion, mechanical properties.
We also provide failure analyzing for the mould to help you find the reason of mold failure and give proposals to help you increasing the service life of the mould.
Technical center is the key department of our Ningshing Special-Steel, which has the first class engineers and technicians that under the tasks of 
-- Investigating and analyzing the steel producers who is our quality approved.
-- Issuing technical specifications with mills.
-- Quality control for steels and steel products we supply.
-- Helping customers choose the most suitable materials for their production.
-- Developing new steel grades with mills to help customer increasing service life of the mould.
-- Laboratory analyzing for steel materials as well as failure analyzing for the mould.
-- Providing third party inspection for steel materials.
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